Chain Watches

Ohlala Watch is a Chain watches manufacturer in China. We have been committed to providing our customers with affordable but elegant Minimalist watches products that meet their needs.

With 15 years of combined experience in the luxury watches industry, we have helped customers  create their own watch collections for  different watch brands, such as from start-ups niche brands to mature public brands, from local stores to some online e-commerce stores.

Featured Chain Watches Design

At Ohlala watches, you will find a great range of watches design that is classic and innovative for your references. Our Chain watches with public design but best artwork. We cater to various materials, straps, movements and  colors options to meet your specific requirements.

Chain Watches

Chain watches is with metal straps, They are durable, high quality, Luxury design, Engineered with the latest in Men Watches, it offers ultimate color control and flexibility. Get competitive OEM price rates now!

3 Links Styles Chain Watches

Chain watches is mainly in the strap, the strap of chainwatches is stainless steel strap. The three straps are derived from Rolex’s classic chain watch.  Steel straps are durable and luxury. Tough temperament when you wearing. Get competitive OEM chain watches price now!

5 Links Style Chain Watches

The strap of chain watches is stainless steel strap. The 5 links straps are watches straps linked by 5 links.  Get competitive OEM chain watches price now!

7 Links and Other Types Chain Watches

The strap of chain watches is stainless steel strap. there are different types of stainless steel straps. they can varies from different colors and finishes to meet your requirements. Get competitive OEM chain watches price now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions? We are happy to answer all your queries.

For each kind of sample, there are different cost, step is easy, You tell us your idea of watches, we make drawing to you, then make samples after payment done.

Normally, 1 sample for customer,1 sample for us, If you need more, maxium can be 2 samples.

Sample cost mostly are hundreds, It will various according to your specifications.

If you have your own box, We can packed in your box and then ship out with hard Double corrugated carton, if you don’t have the box, We will pack the watch with bubble bag, then white box, then double corrugated carton.

When you received your sample, our sales will contact you about the details. if you don’t like the sample, We can remake it or do changes according to your request.

There are many kinds of watches, They normally cost 30-60days for the private label sample.

Mass order production time is 45-60 days. 

For watches, We mostly send out by express, because it is the luxury product. Long time shipping is risky.

normally, warranty for mass order watches is 2 years start after you received the watches

Chain watch is the watch with stainless steel straps.

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