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Ohlala Watch is a OEM & ODM mechanical watches manufacturer and factories in China. We are dedicated to bringing you perfection, quality, and sustainability. Our watches are qualified by swiss or japan movement. add the realiable of your brand.

We specialize in customizing watches for micro brand  watches, brand manufactuers or chain stores. Browsing our selection of mechanical watches now!

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New Design High End Mechanical Watches

Choosing new design mechanical watches from Ohlala, we offer automatic watches, wind up watches, hand wound watches in different colors, styles, sizes,  etc. You are guaranteed to get a particular style that will fit your preferences. 

Everyday Mechanical Watches Manufacturer in China

Ohlala Watch focus on customizing middle high quality mechancal watches for the european and USA market, We used to strive to find the best artwork of every watches manufacturing steps, materials options, steel polishing, plating associated suppliers. Contact us for the options of Mechanical watches!

What are Mechanical Watches and How to Use it?

Ohlala Watch Customized to Your Specifications

OEM Mechanical watch can be  materials, colors, movements, sizes, styles ect., e.g.  chrono mechanial watches,  skeleton mechanical watches wooden material mechanical watches, black color mechanical watches, 38mm/39mm/40mm/42mm sizes mechanical watches.

we have japan and swiss brand movement(Miyota, Ronda, SEIKO etc.) for your options. also genuine leather band, mesh band, chain bracelet band straps as an styles. cutom watch box is available. 

Why Choose Ohlala Watches?

At Ohlala watches, we are dedicated to providing you with the most steady and higher quality products to satisfy your customers. We control every aspect of our production process, from design to logistics, so you can rely on our knowledge of everything we produce.

Flexiable MOQ

Like other watches factories, we have MOQ limits( that’s because our supply chain also has raw material quantity limits) , but we can let our customers choose different colors and styles based on the one style.

Steady Quality

After 15 + years of accumulation, we are constantly improving, the quality has become mature, quality management is gradually perfected, we can guarantee the quality for each orders

Moderate Price

Like mentioned before. Quality is the root of a factory’s long-term survival, good quality also depends on good raw materials, after so many years of supplier selection, our suppliers have been able to better serve our customers


We focus on OEM and ODM for our customers and branding for them, no wholesale function, just one thing to make sure we can do the best. So we know what our customers want, and we can help them solve aftersales problems very quickly, pre-sales communication

Fine Artwork

The finish and details of a watch are very important, for example, if the case is not well polished, the thickness is not uniform, anywhere is with spot, it affects the marketing (photo), we cooperate with suppliers with brands such as Fossil, is also selected by the market.

2 Years Warranty

Our warranty period of 2 years is the result of our questionnaire survey with many customers. Most of the quartz watches on the market have a battery life cycle of 2-3 years, and many factories have a 1-year warranty period, and we offer our customers a 2-year warranty.

Real Reviews from Real Customers

We’ve served hundreds of satisfied customers. Here are some of their reviews.

“Ohlala Watches has exceeded our expectations. We are happy for their assistance in designing the watches for our new brand. The fixtures we got from Ohlala watch have made our quality imporved and good reviews.”

Brandon Haynes
Online store Owner
“OHLALA watches was fantastic to work with. Their customer service was great and they were very responsive to our needs and questions. We had a specific project that required some extra tweaks and they handled them perfectly! I will definitely be using them again in the future.”
John Dean
Watches Designer
“OHLALA watches is a very good company to work with. They helped us design the perfect dress watches for our women clothing store and also provided us with great service. I would recommend them to anyone who needs watches or wanna customize private label watches .”
Martin Lillemose
Local Store Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions? We are happy to answer all your queries.

What are Mechanical Watches?

A mechanical watch is a watch that uses a mechanical movement to move the time, unlike a quartz watch, which is battery operated.

Watches mechanical vs automatic

Mechanical watches including: automatic( manually wind) watches and hand wound watches, and half wind half hand automatic, automatic watch is wounded by it’s self ( inside engineen moving) 

How automatic watches work

The power source of automatic mechanical watches is vibration, the watch is worn on the hand, people are moving the watch will inevitably be subject to vibration, the watch has a collection, conversion vibration can be mechanical rotational energy structure, the watch is worn on the hand if the winding is not tightened it will be automatically wound up by the vibration, if you put the watch in a place without vibration generally within 24 hours it will stop going.

How long mechanical watch last

Automatic mechanical watches are powered by the wearer’s wrist swing to generate energy for winding, a fully wound automatic mechanical watch can continue to run for about 36 hours: if the normal daily wear, it can operate for about 15 hours, such as more than the above time not to wear or swing enough (the wearer’s movement is less) will cause the watch to stop, and the watch should be fully wound before wearing again

How often do automatic watches need to be serviced

According to your wear frequency, If you wear a manual-winding mechanical watch every day, it is recommended to wind it twice a day, once before going to bed and the second time at 12:00 noon. The purpose of winding the watch before going to bed is to maintain sufficient winding volume to ensure the stability and accuracy of the watch in a long time stationary state; the same purpose of winding the watch at noon is to replenish the winding of the watch to ensure the instability of the movement.

What can i do if my sample is not what i need ?

When you received your sample, our sales will contact you about the details. if you don’t like the sample, We can remake it or do changes according to your request.

How To Make The Sample?

For each kind of sample, there are different cost, step is easy, You tell us your idea of watches, we make drawing to you, then make samples after payment done.

How many samples can i get?

Normally, 1 sample for customer,1 sample for us, If you need more, maxium can be 2 samples.

Is Sample Free ?

Sample cost mostly are hundreds, It will various according to your specifications.

How Do You Package Our Products?

If you have your own box, We can packed in your box and then ship out with hard Double corrugated carton, if you don’t have the box, We will pack the watch with bubble bag, then white box, then double corrugated carton.

What's the mass order production time ?

Mass order production time is 45-60 days. Full automatic or full stainless steel watches can be longer to 90 days, it depends on the materials supplier. 

How long time should i wait for the sample?

There are many kinds of watches, basic styles takes 30-60 days for the private label sample.

What's your warranty time for mass order ?

normally, warranty for mass order watches is 2 years start after you received the watches

What do i need to provide to make private lable watches?
  1. Your logo
  2. Your watch design

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