Women Watch Company

Ohlala Watch, a women’s watch manufacturer and supplier in China, specializes in affordable yet elegant products that highlight brand identity.
With 15 years of experience, we’ve aided diverse brands, from startups to established names, in crafting unique watch collections for both local and online markets.

Featured Women Watches Design

At Ohlala watches, you will find a great range of watches design that is classic and innovative for your references. Our Women Watches with stylish design but luxury quality. We cater to various materials, straps, movements and  colors options to meet your specific requirements. 

Compared to men, women’s watch style model specifications are more colorful, which is also more in line with the girl, a variety of styles can make the girl has a different aura

Stylish and Elegant Women Watches

Women’s watches are fashionable and versatile, but durable and long-lasting. We offer a wide selection of women’s watches, such as colors, styles and prices.

Womens Dress Watches

Women’s fashion Dress watches represent a brand of clothing, which may be unconventional in design, simple or complex, the advantage of fashion dress watches compared to professional watches is that they are more diversified in shape and affordable, and it is not too much of a problem to get several of them to match your clothes.

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Quartz Women Watches

In order to make women’s watches easier to sell because of their fast replacement, women’s watches with quartz movements are the most compatible with women’s watches, we have kinds of options for you when manufacturing the watches. Get competitive OEM watch price now!

Women Chain Watches

In the 19th century, many watchmaking brands such as Vacheron Constantin and Vanguard introduced the most extravagant bracelet watches for women, with delicate cases set with brilliant stones, a great showcase for the romantic nature of women. And because women need to take care of their families, chain watches allow women to better match. Get competitive OEM watch price now!

Ladies Bling Watches

Diamonds can be added to the watch case or literally or made into a mother of pearl font, and the sparkling hour markers enhance the beauty of the watch. It truly defines a woman’s sense of style. This is how ladies bling watches exist.  Get competitive OEM watch price now!

Ladies Thin Watch

Ladies Thin watches with elegant and simple minimalist design, who does not like it? Especially for customers in the UK market. Get competitive OEM watch price now!

Wooden Ladies Watch

Different materials give different textural beauty to the watch. Wood is from nature, the material close to the nature and very personal. Women wooden watches are not as difficult to match, but rather very classic and elegant.  we have multi options of wood materials, Bamboo, Ebony, Rosewood. black walnut, oak, Beech, Zebrawood ect. 

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Mesh Ladies Watches

If you want a stainless steel band, but find the price unacceptable, then a mesh band watch for women is the optimal choice. We can electroplate it in many different colors. Get competitive OEM watch price now!

Female Leather Watches

It is soft and comfortable to wear, introspective and elegant, not as cold as metal straps, and also suitable for people who are allergic to metal. We also have a wide range of leather band for you to choose from, so come and talk to us! Get competitive OEM watch price now!

Automatic ladies wrist watch

In recent years, there have never been so many ladies’ mechanical watches on sale. Instead of the previous era of downsizing men’s watches to become women’s watches and coping with the situation, almost all the luxury watch brands on the market have launched women’s mechanical watch collections. Ladies can find everything from simple to complicated workmanship watches, even tourbillon watche. Get competitive OEM watch price now!

Download Full Catalog to View More Products

Download our current catalog for an overview of all of our current product offerings, including features and benefits, specifications, ratings, warranties, among other things.  Opt for the paperless version to save money and the environment.

Women Watch Company

Ohlala Watch focus on customizing middle high quality women watches for the european and USA market, We used to strive to find the best artwork of every watches manufacturing steps, materials options, steel polishing, plating associated suppliers. Contact us for the options of women watches!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions? We are happy to answer all your queries.

For each kind of sample, there are different cost, step is easy, You tell us your idea of watches, we make drawing to you, then make samples after payment done.

Normally, 1 sample for customer,1 sample for us, If you need more, maxium can be 2 samples.

Sample cost mostly are hundreds, It will various according to your specifications.

If you have your own box, We can packed in your box and then ship out with hard Double corrugated carton, if you don’t have the box, We will pack the watch with bubble bag, then white box, then double corrugated carton.

When you received your sample, our sales will contact you about the details. if you don’t like the sample, We can remake it or do changes according to your request.

There are many kinds of watches, They normally cost 30-60days for the private label sample.

Mass order production time is 45-60 days. 

For watches, We mostly send out by express, because it is the luxury product. Long time shipping is risky.

Our Warranty for mass order watches is 2 years start after you received the watches

Women’s watches size is 20-38mm。But recently, It has also become fashionable for women to wear larger watches in recent years, so there are more and more women’s watches around 35mm in size. Generally speaking, it is better to buy a proper watch for formal wear, rather small than big

Have More Questions?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our products and company.

How To Buy Women Watches - A Complete Buyer’s Guide

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