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Hey, This is Brady, you’ve entered to my page, which means you are interested to the watches. Know more me before your start!

5 years ago, I sold my watch case factory which I have running it for 10 years, bankrupted also owned a lot of momey to the bank, s found a job in a watch factory and started worked as a purchasing, which factory mainly customize watches for different customers, especially the EU and US market.

This is the beginning of my understanding of branded watches。

After working for 3 years, I found the biggest problem of not being able to be successful a brand, because of the factory’s neglect and the unstable quality of watches, which led to many customers have to give up their dreams and spend a lot of money on advertising, but ultimately did not get the results they wanted, I could feel the pain of the customers, plus because of the need to balance work and life, I rekindled the fire to restart my business which has been never gone.

In the past 5 years, I have been actively communicating with the sales to know what customers care, visit my suppliers, to know the quality and productin issue and material, going to the production line to understand the products, and improving & widden my understanding of the industry and the wristwatches market. my 10 years watches industry experiences also helped me.

Then I compared many supplier partners in Guangdong, and locked a few partners with more stable quality and cooperation, and started to my factory again with a friend who has more than 10 years of finished wrist watches production experience.

Now 2022, we are steadily rising, also accumulated a lot of trust customers , the market share is more and more. We proved quality is one of the keys to the brand.

Work with us, build your watches castle.


Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.

-Mark Twain

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