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Diversity Quality Guarantee

We have a dust-free manufacturing system that is strictly supervised to maintain the highest quality standard.

Our Trustworthy Raw Material Suppliers


The best affordable swiss movement brand

Grand Seiko

The best inexpensive Japan movement brand


The durable precise Japan movement movement brand

Genuine Leather

The best leather band material for wrist watches

SS 314L Case

The best-fitting and long last case material of watches

Our Product Testing Protocal

We perform Multi tests to produce our top-quality and reliable OEM watch, Out of these, a few are listed below.

Watches Appearance & Time Function Test

Check the appearance, and scratches, time, and date, also pusher (crown) functions,  Mostly are tested by workers, test the time function by setting partial watches in the same time, Then after 10 minutes, to see if all the time is on the same time. To check if the calendar will jump at the right date.

Vacuum Waterproof Testing

Each watch will do the vacuum testing before shipping, Put 10pcs on each column cup, then start the machine, and in the valuum environment, if any orange column falls, it means the watch is not waterproof.

P.S., if the glass is not hardened, it will cracks when doing this test.

Real Water Waterproof Test

After putting the product into the machine, according to the different waterproofness of the product, inject air pressure, keep it for 5-10 minutes, then take it out, put it on the baking board, cuff the glass lens temperature of 37-40 ℃ degree, drop cold water below 20 ℃ on the glass surface, if the mirror surface shows fog, it is not waterproof, and vice versa, it passes the test

Watch Strap Traction &
Torsion Test

Twist the band with 15-60 times/minute, to see if the band is easily sharpened;  the requirement to apply tension is 3-5kg (with weights), reciprocal movement (rotation) of the leather strap 3000 cycles, steel bracelets 5000 cycles, to check if the  product damage, if the case and strap loosen, if deformation

Leather Strap Bending
Durance Testing

The strap bending test is to fix the short and long straps on the equipment jig at a 180-degree angle. Under some speed, the number of times, the strap is a repeatedly bent test.

Observe the condition of the surface of the strap, if damaged, cracks, peeling skin, fractures, winkles, breaks, detachments, and other phenomena are found, the project is judged to be unqualified

Leather Band Abrasion
Resistance Test

The machine starts with some friction strength in setted friction times, If the leather band will crack, the leather finish, also to see if the band will lose colors.

Use artificial sweat in high temperature (40 ± 2) ℃ environment contact to be tested, after a long time (not less than 24 hours), to observe its surface, so as to determine its sweat corrosion resistance.


Watch Shaking & Swaying Test/Watch Buckle Test

This swaying test can simulate the impact on the watch when a person wears a watch and walks with the natural swinging and swaying of the arm, so as to test the accuracy of the watch. Also test the reliablity of the product structure

The buckle test is to test the tightness of various clasps by repeatedly opening and closing the stainless steel clasp. During the test, if the buckle is damaged (can not be inserted or pulled out) automatic stop alarm

Watch Buckle Friction Test

By stretching and compressing the strap.

See the tensile strength of the spring bar of the strap and the leather ring case lug

This test is designed to ensure that the watch stays attached to the strap under normal conditions, but also to release the watch in case of emergency underwater situations.

Watch Head High& low
Temperature Test

Test the appearance, function, and performance of the product under high and low-temperature environments. Lower at -20 ℃ and higher 70 ℃ degrees.

If the sample is found to have no significant changes compared with the test, or changes in the range of standards set and so on, and all functions of the movement operate according to the specifications of the movement. the test sample is said to meet the requirements of high and low-temperature cycle resistance, otherwise it does not meet. manufacturer. And after 24h clockwise and 24h anti-clockwise running test, watch still function well, then test pass. If any of the above situation occurred, then test fail.

Artificial Sweat Test

To test the ability of corrosion resistance of metal surface and electroplating layer, Use artificial sweat in high temperature (40 ± 2) ℃ environment contact to be tested, after a long time (not less than 24 hours), to observe its surface, so as to determine its sweat corrosion resistance.

After the visual inspection, the adhesive tape test must be conducted, if the plating does not peel off, or no coating remains attached to the tape, this is passed ok.

Carton Box Drop Test

This is  We will do the drop test of box in each batch. Pack the watches like normal package, put the watch in the Inner package, each inner package in the watch box, and 50 watches boxes in a carton. 

Then at the corrected height, normally 1-meter height, Drop the box at different faces, edges, and corners (they are 1 corner, 3 edges, 6 faces).

We usually use the double corrugated paper box, This kind of box is a normal standard carton box for export。

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