New Watches

Ohlala Watches, a middle high-end watch manufacturer in China, offers a wide range of timepieces, including quartz, multifunction, and automatic watches, only provide custom solutions.

We collect the new watches to display to customers.

# OH-TS01436
# OH-TS020292
# OH-TS02322
# OH-TS010987
# OH-TS030992
# OH-TS01908
# OH-TS018765
# OH-TS019807
# OH-TS014598
# OH-TS010098
# OH-TS017659
# OH-TS016575
# OH-TS016575
# OH-TS014598
# OH-TS018650

Customized Different Watches for Your Projects

Your brand logo, your design. That’s why we give you complete flexibility regarding the watches supplies you need. Whether it’s changing the size, style, color, or setting, tell us about it, and we’ll do our best to deliver it for you. 

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