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Customer Background:
A Us Customer with the online store and local store in the shopping mall in Indonesia.
We did not meet before, He finds me through the Alibaba website, and told me that he wants to customize watches. asked us if we had any recommended models. Since it was the customer’s first time making a watch. so he doesn’t know what he needs.

Design Request:
Under our guidance, he confirmed a ladies’ watch with an all-steel band;
As Asia’s women’s hands are small, so we changed the size from 34mm to 33mm, case lug: 12mm;
We suggest customers use the rose gold, silver, and gold color, as this is the normal color we use, then after we communicated, change the gold color to gun color, gun color is on time popular with some fashion watch brands;

Women Watch Final Design:
After repeatedly confirming the design with the customer, and finally settled on specifications are:
500pcs ladies’ watches;
3 colorways (rose gold, gold, gun with tune) ;
Dial Color: rose gold, silver, gun color, Sunray artwork, related dial color index;
3 hands + date;
3ATM Water resistance;
Movement: GN10 (Japan Miyota brand);
Sapphire glass;
3 Colors stainless steel band( 5 links rolex style band) + 2 tone;
Press down case back

And surprisingly, when we provided the customer with a women’s watch design drawing. after the customer confirms all the details. the customer suddenly asks us to add 2 more men’s watches, one race-style watch with a leather band. another one is Ap Style full stainless watches.

Men Chronograph Watch Final specification:
500pcs, 3 colors;
SS Case; size 42mm, case lug: 20mm;
3 Colors: Gun, stainless steel, Black;
VD54 Multi-function Movement (TMI Japan brand);
Genuine Leather band, 3 colors, they are blue, black, and red;
White and black dial with index, Mat color;
3 Colors of hands: gun, silver, and black;
5 ATM;
Single Dome coated glass;
Rotate case back with serial number;

Full stainless steel Watches:
Full 316L SS Watch with pushed button butterfly buckle;
40mm size, case lug 20mm;
500Pcs, 5 colors, silver, black, rose gold, gun, gold;
5 Colors embossed dial, black, blue, gun, and white, with some different color indexes, also luminous oil;
Movement: 6P29 (Japan Miyota Movement);
3 hands + 3 small hands, 5 colors, black, rose gold, gun, gold, silver, hands filled with luminous oil;
5ATM water resistance;
Mineral Glass with anti-scratch film coated;
Rotate case back+ screwed in with customer serial numbers;
Hexagon crown.

Production request: make 3 samples first before making a mass order. So this order cost us 3 months including making samples. of course, all the above watches with the customer’s logo on.
No Watch box, so we packed by bubble bag and white box, then hard carton.

The problem we met: the Indonesian custom is very strictly the rule of import. Customers need the C.O certificate( certificate of origin), so we paid to do a certificate, Then the customer sends us a few files, their format PO, PI, CI, and Shipping documents, asks us to fill in according to their requirements.

Finally, we perfectly finished the order and the package was shipped out with no issue.

Any Idea Of Your Watches?

Why do you need to make your own band watches?

Have you ever think about it? 

-In order to pursue the most reasonable ratio of share and profit, always do a little better than the competition in all aspects, brand products is a trend and it is the future. 
I think this is the direct answer. 
Timepiece watch as a luxury jewellery category, It has definied by people. Brand will be the good choice, Try to talk to us, It’s free!

*The more details you tld us, The faster we can shorten the start time.

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