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They are one of my favorite clients, with design and ideas, and importantly, they love their work and family

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Matt and Haikal, They are Cousins, one lived in Malysia, one lived in Singapore.

Haikal runs a hotel and a fish pond in Malysia and has 2 sons. He and his wife believe in Islam.Life is happy and relax.

Matt works as a designer in a big company in Singapore. Matt is interested in watches, and seeing that friends around him are married and have children, and then their business is doing well, he also wants to have his own business, and one day they met together, and talked about AAA watches, and immediately they had a spark. So they connected with another co-founder from Uk, started the Journey.

This is what they said: the watch design cues from the greats gone by. It would meld past and present to form a timepiece that could be carried into the future, pairing vintage aesthetics with modern technology for accuracy, reliability and style. 

its timeless, urban design is matched with an automatic movement to create an easy-to-use piece that wears well from the office to a night on the town.

Designed by the customer and produced by us, the watch is modern, classic, simple and durable, equipped with a classic leather strap in Crazy Horse leather, the case is stainless steel in its original color, the case polishing process is vertical brush on the side and circle brush on the front.

It fully demonstrates the hardness of steel and the softness of modernity, with Japanese super luminous hands, strap in three different color and also 3 colors of dial. It is true combination design of 3 countries

Any Idea Of Your Watches?

Why do you need to make your own band watches?

Have you ever think about it? 

-In order to pursue the most reasonable ratio of share and profit, always do a little better than the competition in all aspects, brand products is a trend and it is the future. 
I think this is the direct answer. 
Timepiece watch as a luxury jewellery category, It has definied by people. Brand will be the good choice, Try to talk to us, It’s free!

*The more details you tld us, The faster we can shorten the start time.

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